2 days ago, the Jacobs Engineering Company , which is one of the world’s largest and diverse provider of technical, professional and construction services, got one of their best contract, a contract to the Philadelphia IT support provider to the US program (executive Office Missiles and Space) PEO MS. They are meant to provide cloud based computing services, data center, application development, system management, telecommunication operations, disaster recovery planning and they are also meant to support up to 2500 multiple classified and unclassified end users network. It will also be dealing with cyber security, service desk operation and information assurance support. It will also be offering services to PEO material system analysis activity, Edgewood chemical biological center and PEO aviation. The contract is worth 32.5 million and is a five year contract.

Enterprise IT Support Services

The company is well known for its dedication, it always familiarize itself with the client’s need, their vision and mission as well as philosophy, brand identities, this way they are able to give you first hand services that is of high quality.
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