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In what cases can one consider content marketing convincing?

90% of consumers find content marketing useful;long-term investments in content marketing agency are forceful. However, if you expect a quick return on investment, it won’t happen;B2B and B2C generate 2.5 times more leads, and websites cooperating with blogs generate 5 times more traffic.

If you are seriously involved into content marketing, it’s of a primary importance to visualize your goal and perform a powerful and reliable content marketing plan on paper. In the near future, the business will be fully determined by the content marketing. This is the reason why the information created in recent years is more valuable than the one that has been recorded over the years.

According to the recent research, 93% of users start to search for products in the Web with the help of search engines and 90% click on the organic links.

What measures should be taken to produce a powerful content marketing plan?

In this article, we will review 5 main steps to achieve an effective content marketing plan.

Everything depends on the goals you want to achieve.

One can mention standard and popular KPI (but they aren’t universal and only required to achieve specific objectives):

  • the total volume of attracted traffic per month;
  • traffic channels, conversion site;
  • the number of subscribers to email-newsletter;
  • the number of repeat sales;
  • read-to-the –end factor
  • vitality of the content;
  • the number of comments to the materials.

The ability to dive into business at a strong expert on the subject.

We mean here the ability to sculpt infographics, be able to put words in the correct order and install a video.

Do not ignore social networks.

The opinion “my clients don’t use social networks” is created by mistake because your customers are the individuals who use search engines. While creating content marketing plan, include social networks on the list.

Use the triggers.

Researchers have identified the influence of the triggers considering effective content marketing plan. Trigger is a specific stimulus that activates the decision-making in the brain. Concerning content marketing, there are 7 main triggers:

  • Authority
  • Mental involvement
  • Interchange
  • Goodwill
  • Confidence
  • Curiosity (“Hunger”)
  • “This is for me” principle

A good strategy makes content marketing plan reckless

Statistics show that only 10% seriously develop and record on paper the content marketing strategy among marketers. And then we ask why the network contains so much awful content? It’s simple: marketing channels fill the website with “garbage” in the absence of a clear understanding of what it should be.

If you develop a content marketing strategy, consider how it fits into your marketing plan. This is the only way you will be able to set foot on the path to success, while all the others will continue to wander in the woods.

These are the essential ingredients of an effective content marketing plan. It is important to note that they are not cast in stone-you can modify them to adapt to the specific needs of your organization. By the way, content marketing when done in the right way guarantees huge returns on investments. It is helpful to consult a content marketing professional so as to develop a good plan. This is because, such a vital activity requires excellent professional input. It is better to spend a few dollars to pay a professional than to do it yourself.

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